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Car detailing service Chillum, MD

Getting your car to look like you just pulled it out of a showroom is as easy as working with Zoom Mobile Detail. We are a car detailing service in Chillum, MD, that makes your car look clean and polished again. From our hand-car wash for a routine clean to our Factory Fresh VIP Detail to get your vehicle to showroom quality, our team has the right solution for your car detailing needs. To book an appointment with us online, click here.

Expert Car Detailing Services

The quality of our vehicles deteriorates over time. It’s probably been a while since you drove your shiny car off the lot with that new car smell but restoring your vehicle is as easy as scheduling a car detailing service with Zoom Mobile Detail. We offer the highest quality car detailing services at fair prices fit to your detailing needs, from our hand car wash to our VIP Detail.


Our Car Detailing Packages:

Wash. Wax & Vac ($45)

  • 1 hour
  • Hand Wash Exterior
  • Interior Vac
  • Interior surface clean and protect
  • Carpet and floor mats cleaned
  • Wheel cleaning and shine
  • Interior + Trunk vacuumed

Silver Quick Detail ($125)

  • 3-4 hours
  • Exterior wash & Wax
  • Interior Simple Vac
  • Interior surface clean and protect
  • Carpet and floor mats cleaned
  • Wheel cleaning and shine

Gold Detail ($250)

  • 5-8 hours
  • Exterior Wash & Wax
  • Interior + Trunk vacuumed
  • Interior All Surface Steam Clean
  • Deep Clean Steam, Shampoo, and Conditioning

VIP – Detail ($385)

  • 7-10 hours
  • Premium Soap, hand wash
  • F11 Wax/Sealant
  • Vapor Steam Clean (dashboard, center console, doors)
  • Seats steam cleaned and protected
  • Carpet and Floor mats cleaned
  • Door jams steam cleaned
  • Wheel wells cleaned
  • Windows cleaned inside & out
  • Interior + Trunk vacuumed
  • Tire Gel x 2
  • Clay Bar treatment / removal paint contaminants
  • One Step machine polish/buff + more
  • Engine steam cleaned
  • Sealant applied to all windows - Rain-X Effect
  • Sealant applied to wheels

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Don’t go another day with your vehicle in sub-par condition, to restore your vehicle to showroom quality book an appointment with us online by clicking here.

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